Cattani Oil-Less Compressors

Cattani compressors are renowned throughout the industry for their performance and reliability. Our compressor head assemblies have always included Teflon coated pistons and piston rings requiring no replacement during their lifetime. The receivers are food quality Teflon coated inside and out for the storage of clean dry air. Cattani use the simplest drying system, incorporating a self-purging drying column, requiring minimum maintenance.

Cattani have earned their reputation from over 20 years in the market place. Our compressors are hand-built to produce high performance at affordable prices and are all supplied with a 5 year warranty on all major components (Terms & Conditions apply). We have a full range of oil-less compressors, from single surgery to bespoke systems for hospitals. This means that there is a compressor in our range to suit the requirements of your clinic.

The air compressor is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any dental surgery. The success of your practice is dependent not only on the reliability of the compressor but, also the quality of the air it supplies. This is of paramount importance for protecting patient and staff health, not to mention maximising longevity of your dental equipment and handpicks.

Cattani Oil-less Compressors, complete with drying system and a set of filters, are capable of supplying clean, dry, compressed air of extremely high quality and purity.

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