Fona Aquamarine Dental Laser

A new level of cutting efficiency with Aquamarine Dental Laser

Thanks to its 445nm wavelength, with higher absorption in haemoglobin, cutting is faster and requires much less power.

The result is treatment with minimised thermal damage and increased efficiency with the Aquamarine Dental laser from Fona.


Wide Range of Treatments

Aquamarine can be used for variety of treatments in soft tissue surgery, periodontology, endodontics

and haemostasis. In addition, it can be used for single tooth whitening* and as treatment option for a variety of indications

Enhanced Patient Comfort

The diode laser operates at a wavelength absorbed by the soft tissue more efficiently, resulting in more precise cutting and faster healing thus increasing patient comfort. The focused beam treats the affected area efficiently and in less time limiting operational time.


Laser allows for almost bloodless surgical procedures to be performed more efficiently with less pain and higher visibility. Due to low energy and 445nm wavelength used by Aquamarine, carbonisation and thermal damage to surrounding tissue are minimised, while cutting is faster.


Aquamarine can also be used as supplementary therapy for improved germ and bacteria reduction in in the periodontal pocket, in addition to conventional scaling and root planning.

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