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FONA Campeon

Exceptional Design

Campeon is made from high quality materials, using latest production methods, in a factory at the heart of Europe under strict quality control. A design focused on the details and finishing touches that leaves a different sensation at the end of the work day.

Effortless Workflow

Smart electronics, configurable instrument settings, integrated LCD display and many more features to guarantee minimal effort during treatment. In addition, it is possible to save 5 desired user programmes and entry position.

Unparalleled Comfort

Patient and dentist comfort is guaranteed due to high quality finishing and details. Wide selection of options is available for a ‘tailor-made’ configuration to fit your specific requirements.

Fona Stellaris 3D – Superior Dental CBCT for all dental x-ray indications

Ready for Every Diagnosis

|Fona Stellaris 3D covers a variety of diagnostics in 2D, 3D and Ceph with multiple fields of view, programs for panoramic examinations and cephalometric scans. Resolution selections available are ECO, Standard and HD to fit your specific needs.

Compact and Modern

The minimalist, elegant, space-saving design allows installation of Fona Stellaris 3D in areas where conventional devices would not fit.

Power of Touch

Control of the system is available from your PC screen as well as on the unit’s touchscreen, allowing straightforward program selection with hints for correct positioning.


Fona 8080 Dental Turbine

Fona Dental Turbine


FONA 8080 is made in Germany and is working with a specially designed rotor, which allows best performance and no loss in torque. Ceramic bearings ensure a long lifetime and perfect, vibration free operation, during your everyday treatments. The 8080 rotor also allows the standard head version to keep stable speed at 420,000 rotations per minute.

Ergonomic design contoured to the shape of the hand

Same as all FONA handpieces, the Fona dental turbine 8080 was designed to allow you the best grip and thus control of your instrument during treatments. Smooth surface ensures excellent hygiene for the dentist and the patient. Work comfortably during every treatment.

Well balanced and vibration free

Precise engineering and production makes sure that every part fits in its place, resulting in a perfectly balanced instrument allowing you to achieve the best angle of treatment effortlessly. No vibrations or trouble from wrong balance. Full control in your hands.

Anti-retraction system

FONA 8080 is equipped with the latest anti-retraction valves available today. They make sure that no liquids are flowing back inside your instrument. This prolongs the overall life time of your valuable instrument which requires fewer repairs during its lifetime.

High power up to 20W

It is no longer necessary to choose between small and regular head sizes to avoid compromise in rotation speed. With the 8080 handpieces the specially designed rotor allows you to keep stable rotation speed at 420,000 rpm. On top the standard head will provide you with high power of 20W.

Standard or mini head

Let the handpiece adjust to your needs, not the other way around. 8080 is available in both mini head size, for your pediatric patients and treatments, but also in the regular standard head size for your everyday needs.

Variety of quick coupling connections

Choose from a wide variety of possible quick coupling connections with light for your 8080 turbines. 8080 is ready to be connected to all major manufacturers available including Sirona, KaVo, W&H, BienAir and NSK. Choose the FONA 8090L/LF quick coupling with light as the perfect fit for your 8080 turbine.

Fona Aquamarine Dental Laser

A new level of cutting efficiency with Aquamarine Dental Laser

Thanks to its 445nm wavelength, with higher absorption in haemoglobin, cutting is faster and requires much less power.

The result is treatment with minimised thermal damage and increased efficiency with the Aquamarine Dental laser from Fona.


Wide Range of Treatments

Aquamarine can be used for variety of treatments in soft tissue surgery, periodontology, endodontics

and haemostasis. In addition, it can be used for single tooth whitening* and as treatment option for a variety of indications

Enhanced Patient Comfort

The diode laser operates at a wavelength absorbed by the soft tissue more efficiently, resulting in more precise cutting and faster healing thus increasing patient comfort. The focused beam treats the affected area efficiently and in less time limiting operational time.


Laser allows for almost bloodless surgical procedures to be performed more efficiently with less pain and higher visibility. Due to low energy and 445nm wavelength used by Aquamarine, carbonisation and thermal damage to surrounding tissue are minimised, while cutting is faster.


Aquamarine can also be used as supplementary therapy for improved germ and bacteria reduction in in the periodontal pocket, in addition to conventional scaling and root planning.

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