Daray Dental Light

DARAY is proud to introduce the latest addition’s to our dental lighting range. With high power LED’s, these units build upon DARAY’s established history of superior dental lighting technology.

Utilising the latest in LED technology our new product range has been developed to perform to the highest standards expected within modern dentistry. With rectangular light patches, and a large range of movement; our new dental range also incorporates dual touch-free controls as standard along with triple axis rotation to get the right light in the right location

  • Dual Touch-free control
  • LED light source provides excellent efficiency
  • Rectangular light patch
  • Aesthetic Styling
  • Exceptional range of movement
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Low total cost of ownership.
  • Ceiling, wall and mobile mount options available
  • Single LED module
  • 6 position removable handles
  • Parabolic reflector
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Patient mirror

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Vacuum Autoclave Rental

Here at DE:UK we recognise that some equipment in your surgery is key to your workflow and downtime can be a serious problem.

One such item of critical equipment is your autoclave, so we have come up with our rental scheme giving you peace of mind for five years, we supply, install and train you and your staff how to use and maintain the device, to ensure maximum uptime in your surgery. Should a problem occur then DE:UK will take care of the repair and provide you with a loan autoclave should it be required, to maintain continuation of service.

For a monthly fee of £145 +vat (£174), around £40 per week you can be safe in the knowledge that your sterilisation needs are cared for, over the 5 year term.

  • A Brand new FONA Hygenius 17ltr fully compliant vacuum autoclave             http://www.fonadental.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/5725_na_pozadi-1200x708.jpg
  • Delivery, HTM01-05 Installation validation and staff training
  • 5 years unlimited parts & breakdown visit cover
  • 5 years scheduled service visits at appropriate intervals
  • 5 years annual validation and testing
  • 5 years pressure vessel inspection and certification
  • 5 years unlimited telephone assistance and advice


Dental Engineers

Here at Dental Engineering, our dental engineers have been extremely busy recently and we have taken on a new member of our dental engineers team. Dan is a qualified Electrician and is currently undertaking various training courses from ourselves and from our suppliers were they provide dental engineer courses.

It is important that your dental equipment is serviced correctly in accordance with manufacturers instructions and to ensure you comply with CQC guidelines for equipment maintenance.

We have a large stock holding of parts here at our base in the North West and hold accounts with most major manufacturers to enable us to get parts overnight where necessary, ensuring any downtime to your practice is kept to a minimum. With this in mind we also have a comprehensive stock of loan equipment, including oil free compressors, suction pumps from both Durr Dental  and Cattani, vacuum autoclaves and other small items of equipment.

We can offer bespoke service contracts, a very popular option, giving you priority call outs at reduced rates, we can include PSSR pressure vessel testing, annual x-ray testing, autoclave validation and a wide range of other services, including our equipment champions training courses, where we provide in depth product training and product maintenance, for you and your practice staff.  These courses very often allow problems to be prevented before a dental engineer is needed, ensuring your practice runs efficiently and with maximum up time.

Download our brochure http://www.de-uk.co.uk/downloads/DE24.pdf and look how we work and give us a call on  0800 020 9400, or drop us a line at hello@de-uk.co.uk, don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for regular updates.


Identafi from DentalEz available from DE:UK

DentalEz – April is Oral Cancer awareness month


Identafi® from DentalEz

Screen with Certainty…Detect with Confidence with the Identafi Oral Cancer Screening Device

The deep penetrating power of Identafi® multiple wavelengths is designed to enhance diagnostic efficacy as an adjunctive tool for early detection.

The Identafi system uses the Identafi Multi-Spectral Fluorescence and Reflectance technology to enhance visualization of mucosal abnormalities such as oral cancer or premalignant dysplasia that may not be apparent to the naked eye. Unlike other fluorescence technologies and dye systems, the Identafi is Multi-Spectral with three distinct color wavelengths, making it easier to distinguish lesion morphology and vasculature.

Oral cancer kills nearly one person every hour of every day of the year. Of the people newly diagnosed, only about 60% will live longer than 5 years. And among those survivors, most suffer long-term problems such as severe facial disfigurement or difficulties eating and speaking. The death rate associated with oral cancer remains high due to the cancer being routinely discovered late in its development. There will be approximately 43,250 people in the U.S. diagnosed with oral cancer this year. Even worse, awareness in the public is extremely low. This is the purpose of dedicating April to Oral Cancer Awareness.

There are many parts of the oral cavity. The lips, cheek lining, gums, tongue, and throat all pertain to the oral cavity. Because of the severity of oral cancer, it is important to understand all the areas of vulnerability. HPV is the leading cause of Oral Cancer while tobacco use of any kind and heavy alcohol consumption greatly increase your risk for oral cancer. The fastest growing segment of oral cancer patients is young healthy non-smoking individuals due to the connection to the HPV virus. Poor diet lacking fruits and vegetables can also lead to oral cancer contraction, while long exposure to the sun puts your lips at risk. Oral cancer is not just limited to the people living these lifestyles. It can happen to anyone, even the healthiest adults.

Oral screening is the best way to combat oral cancer. Performed by a dentist or primary care physician, oral screening is quick and painless. Traditionally done with gauze or air syringes, new technologies such as the Identafi have made oral screening quicker and more accurate. Utilizing Multi-Spectral Fluorescence and Reflectance technology, Identafi enhances visuals of abnormalities in the mouth that may not be seen with the naked eye.

Identafi by StarDental

The Identafi uses white, violet, and amber wavelengths of light to excite oral tissue in distinct and unique ways. As a result, biochemical changes can be monitored with fluorescence, while morphological changes can be monitored with reflectance. The combined system of fluorescence and reflectance uses the body’s natural tissue properties as an adjunctive tool for oral mucosal examination. Conventional examination of tissue is performed using a highly concentrated white light.

Wearing reusable Identafi filtered eyewear to enhance visual effects and allow transmission of reflected light, the health professional then switches to violet for a second observation. The clinician’s photosensitive glasses block the violet excitation light and allow the observance of the tissues natural fluorescence. Violet light enhances normal tissue’s natural fluorescence; however, suspicious tissue appears dark because of its loss of fluorescence.

When suspect abnormalities are present the selector is switched to amber light, which enhances normal tissue’s reflectance properties so the clinician may directly observe the difference between normal and abnormal tissue’s vasculature. This independent view of vascular architecture may assist in the assessment of confounders when screening for oral cancer.


Studies indicate abnormal tissue has a diffuse vasculature, where normal tissue vasculature is clearly defined. The combination of all three Multi-Spectral wavelengths provides the clinician with more visual information, improved results over direct visual exam alone and increased confidence for recommending biopsies.
Join us in raising awareness of Oral Cancer this month.